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When applying for registration of twins, or one member of twins, check the box on the registration application indicating the animal is registered as a twin. Errors made by the ACA will be corrected free of charge. A duplicate certificate of registration can be obtained by contacting the ACA registrar. Prefixes assigned to members that remain non-active for ten (10) or more years are subject to reassignment by the ACA. Herd prefixes may be two (2), three (3) or four (4) letters and must be tattooed on all ACA cattle and recorded with the ACA. Family members residing at the same address may use the same herd prefix. The ACA will only assign one (1) herd prefix per paid membership. All ACA cattle registered with the ACA must include as the last digit of every identification tattoo (see appendix for tattoo information), the year letter that corresponds to the year of birth of the animal. Application for registration on animals must be typed or printed on an approved Application for Registration form from the ACA and shall provide the following information: 1. *Foundation Parent: Any parent entered into the ACA Registry that was not accompanied with registration documentation from another breed association prior to 5/01/01.

For errors made by the owner, the regular correction fee will be charged. Breeders wanting more than one (1) prefix must have a paid membership for each assigned prefix. A-1991 G-1997 N-2003 W-2009 B-1992 H-1998 P-2004 X-2010 C-1993 J-1999 R-2005 Y-2011 D-1994 K-2000 S-2006 Z-2012 E-1995 L-2001 T-2007 A-2013 F-1996 M-2002 U-2008 B-2014 The letters I, O, Q and V (after 1987) are not used. Foundation parents are designated with the letter “F” on ACA registration certificates. *Commercial “C” parents: Any parent entered into the ACA herdbook that was not accompanied with registration documentation from another recognized breed association as of 5/01/01.

*Scurs or scur tissue cannot be altered or removed (surgically or otherwise) from Red Chiangus born after January 1, 1992. Chiford- ACA cattle known as “Chiford” are eligible for registration based upon *any mating between Fullblood Chianina, Chiford, Hereford, or Polled Hereford, registered with the American Hereford Association or the ACA as a *Foundation “F” or *Commercial Hereford “CH” parent which results in an offspring whose color can range from a pale fawn or cream to a dark red with a range from typical Hereford red and white color pattern to solid red or reddish color. Breeder’s (and owner’s) ACA member number (if a member), name and address. Every owner of the bull enrolled in the program must sign the form. Every certificate will be numbered and will carry the name of the bull to which one progeny per certificate can be registered with the ACA. (b) Purchasing from the ACA artificial insemination certificates and agreeing to provide such certificates to any applicants for registration of progeny of the bull where the progeny were conceived by artificial insemination using semen from the bull that was purchased or acquired prior to enrollment to the bull in the program. When ownership of bull is transferred, all unused AI certificates will be transferred to the new owner(s). There are no expiration dates on the AI certificates. All cell-cloned animals will be charged regular registration and transfer fees with an additional charge of .00 for handling fees per animal. Registration certificates for cell-clones will be designated with the word CLONE in bold lettering across it. DNA marker typing of cell-cloned animals or recipient dams may be required by the ACA. The ACA has taken the position that each cell-clone will be the determinant of it’s own EPD as computed through the performance records of offspring. Upon sale and transfer of all animals within the ACA, disclosure of any retained genetic material which could be used for possible future production of a clone is required.

The resulting offspring may be polled, scurred or horned. Certificates are issued to the named bull and are not transferable to another bull. If not disclosed at time of sale, resulting clones will be deemed non-registerable without the signature of the owner of the founder animal.

1CM (First generation Chimaine): Any mating between two parents registered in the ACA Registry which results in offspring that meet the ACA Registry requirements under Rule II, Section C, Article 4. 2CM (Second generation Chimaine): Any mating between two parents registered in the ACA Registry which results in offspring that meet the ACA Registry requirements under Rule II, Section C, Article 4, and have no less than two (2) consecutive generations Chimaine on both sides of their pedigree (beginning with their sire and dam).

Examples of acceptable Chimaine matings that would result in a 2CM (second generation Chimaine) are: 3.

PCA (Purebred Chiangus): Any mating between two parents registered in the ACA registry which results in offspring that meet the ACA Registry requirements under Rule II, Section C, Article 1, and have a minimum of two consecutive generations Chiangus on both sides of their pedigree (beginning with their sire and dam).

Examples of acceptable Chiangus matings that would result in a PCA (Purebred Chiangus) are: 1.

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Sponsored shows including the National Junior Heifer Show. Tattoo of the animal including herd prefix, year letter, and an individual identification number that is unique to this animal. Under certain scenarios, the breeder may be required to DNA test both the sire and dam of the offspring for parental verification. Upon sale of a female mated within a multi-sire group, it is the responsibility of the buyer to DNA test resulting calf before registration. Breeder/seller will be responsible for DNA testing of all calves sold at side of dam or sold as an individual before that calf can be registered with the ACA. All sires intended for use with artificial insemination (A.

SCURS Scurs or scur tissue may not be removed or altered from cattle registered in the ACA Registry as Chiangus or Red Chiangus and exhibited at ACA sponsored shows.

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